Wined and dined like George Clooney at Frescobaldi restaurant

I visited new London restaurant Frescobaldi (15 New Burlington Place, London W1S 2HX) in its opening week, a friendly place around the corner from the swanky Saville Row opened by the owners of Italy’s oldest wine dynasty.

They have an annual distribution of seven million bottles of wine to 65 countries and own nine estates around Florence and Siena. Impressive.

Located in Mayfair, it’s tucked away yet noticeable from it’s all-glass front, with windows that openly fully and will be perfect for summer dining.


We sat down to cute tables decorated with a simple white tablecloth and small flowers to match.

Ceramic tiles on the walls with hand drawn paintings faced me as I dined on a three course dinner by chef Roberto Reatini, who used to be sous chef at Shoreditch House.

To start I had beetroot salad with watercress and pistachio (Insalatadi bar barbietole con crescione e pistachio).

The colourful pieces of beetroot were prepared in a few different ways, and paired with the nuts it made for a nice appetiser thanks to the combination of textures. We enjoyed that with Pomono Bianco 2011 wine which was light and had a citrus flavour. The sommelier consultant Teseo Geri worked the George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin wedding recently.

For the mains I enjoyed the pasta with lobster and chilli (Linguine con aragosta e peperoncino). I’m the biggest seafood fan and this hit the spot.

The portion size was perfect and it had just the right amount of spice. I could have even handled more chilli so those who like to eat mildly, don’t shy away from this one.


Top Chef
Top Chef

This was paired with the Attems Romato 2013 wine which was slightly rose in colour.

During our meal one of the owners Sanjay Nandi from the Good Food Society came over to check everything was going well and it was nice to see one of the faces behind the fresh venture.

Beetroot salad
Beetroot salad


To end the meal (which would cost around £60 excluding drinks) I enjoyed the apple and walnut tart with cinnamon ice cream (tarte de mele e noci).

It resembles more of a cake than a crusty pastry which I would’ve expected a tart to be, but it was tasty nevertheless.



Apple tart

Sweet Vinsanto Naturele 2011 desert wine washed it down.

Lobster pasta
Lobster pasta

To help polish off the biscotti they brought out after, I ordered an Irish coffee.


It’s not exactly in keeping with the Italian theme but with so much thriving nightlife in the area surrounding, it’s a good option for anyone hoping to stay awake and continue on.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of
Irish coffee
Irish coffee

The restaurant is open for dinner from 6pm – 11.30pm and lunch 12pm-3pm (approx £40 per head without drinks).

Visit for more information.


Thanks to for taking the picture of me.


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