Siro-A London theatre review

It was like watching all the action from a big European nightclub (but from the comfort of our seats) as soon as the show began at London’s Leicester Square Theatre.



The Siro-A cast were performing their Christmas show to a packed out Main Room audience on a weekday night.

While we sipped on wine and tucked into mince pies, the Japanese performers encouraged us to clap along to the electronic beats they were blasting out to bring to life the impressive lighting projections.


Check out their YouTube channel to see what I mean.

There’s no storyline in this production from the men dubbed Japan’s answer to Blue Man Group, but each tongue-in-cheek skit consisting of incredibly in sync dance moves and tricks of the eye will surely keep you entertained.

It’s definitely one to bring the kids and your grandma along to as you won’t want the family to miss out on experiences such as being thrown into a video game.

Only sit in the front few rows if you’re the type of punter who doesn’t mind being involved in the action.


Although the cast doesn’t speak during performances (except for one moment when they encountered a technical glitch) at the end ‘the tall one’ comes out to pick three audience members to help create the final presentation.

And as he says if you don’t volunteer ‘OK I will choose’.

I don’t want to give too much away but that includes putting on your most animated face and making high-pitched noises.


The friendly cast are around before and after the one-hour show to greet the crowd so make sure you arrive early to get involved in photobooth fun. You might even see your face up on the stage during the act!
Full cast list:

Toshiya Arai – Performer who does sampling man act
YOHEI – Performer who does Peacock
FUMIYA – Performer the tall guy
Keiji Miya – Performer who does shadow ballet
Daichi Norikane – Video Artist
Kentaro Homma – DVJ

Cocoona – Director
Producers: AMUSE INC, Japan

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