Amy Childs clothing’s 3rd anniversary party at Dirty Martini

Amy Childs. Who would have thought after first appearing on The Only Way is Essex all those years ago she’d be celebrating the third anniversary of her clothing line.




Can you spot Harry Derbidge?
Can you spot Harry Derbidge?

The former TOWIE cast member was at Dirty Martini in London’s Hanover Square celebrating with her cousin Harry Derbidge, Big Brother star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace and Nicola McClean.

Who wore it better? Amy…
… or the mannequin?

IMG_3246 IMG_3248 IMG_3256 Guests munched on platters of pitta and olives, chicken skewers and peanut sauce, mini hot dogs, potato wedges, veggie dumplings and mini burgers as we perused her clothing collection.

In true spirit of where we were, we drank Amy Martinis, Prosecco and wine as the guest of honour strutted her stuff in a red sequin dress and chatted to guests.

I loved the candy trees which were planted around the venue for guests to munch on. Some of the arrangements included Haribo sweets, white chocolate buttons and Malteaser treats.

The Amy Martini
The Amy Martini
White chocolate buttons
Haribo grows on trees!
Yummy food platters of potato wedges, hot dogs, pitta bread and dips
Yummy food platters of potato wedges, hot dogs, pitta bread and dips
An Amy Childs drink menu in candlelight

The venue was the perfect setting for a chilled night out. Exposed bricks and candle light plus a DJ on the decks in the far room made for the ideal place to have a good natter with friends.

I haven’t visited any of the other two locations Dirty Martini has in London but it definitely made me want to experience the others.

We took home a goodie bag which varied between guests including sleep-in hair rollers, body jewels (vajazzle anyone?) and nail polish (just in case attendees didn’t get their polish done at a station in the back of the bar).

The goodie bag
The goodie bag

Have you tried any of Amy’s collection? Check out for more.

P.S. I’d met Amy before at a Peter Andre gig and they share the same management. See my picture below!



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