Vaseline’s honeylicious Queen Bee: Lip balm to make Beyonce proud

Lip balm just got glamorous with Vaseline’s limited edition Queen Bee tin.

Described as ‘honeylicious’ it certainly hit the theme on the head at the launch inside the trendy Ham Yard Hotel in central London. The honey-scented version is the fourth special edition from the brand and I reckon ‘bootylicious’ Beyonce Knowles would definitely pop one in her bag this winter to keep those chapped lips away.



What’s sure to be Queen Bey’s new beauty obsession comes in shimmery gold and black striped packaging so it really does resemble a Queen Bee. Costing on £3.99 for 20g (available in Boots and Tesco) it came out on October 13 so grab yours before it flies off the shelves.

Can you spot the honeycomb table legs?
Glass ceilings and plenty of plants

Each guest was actually given one in their goodie bag but it seems someone loved it so much and swiped mine. Anyway they had samples around The Orangery where the event was held, each displayed beside chunks of honeycomb.

We took pictures on the golden throne, donning the crown prop on our heads which got us in the zone for being treated regally by suited and booted waiters. We were watered with espresso martinis and wine and fed with canapes including Parmesan cones with risotto.

Risotto in Parmesan cones
Risotto in Parmesan cones
Vaseline goodie bag
Vaseline goodie bag


There was also a station where we could get our nails painted black or yellow.

In our goodie bags we got a delicate bumble bee gold bracelet by Cinderela B which is a London brand, plus salted caramel honeycomb dips and some honey-scented soap from The Body Shop.

Joining the bee hive
Apt soft furnishings for Vaseline
Apt soft furnishings


They added cute touches around the place like bee motif cushion covers, honeycomb shape table legs, and hives to the display the logo.

I’d love to go back to the hotel and explore it some more. With all the leafy decoration and part-glass ceiling, I bet it would look great in the daytime too.

Have you been to Ham Yard Hotel? Let me know!

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  1. Love this hotel, its a nice central London haunt , they do great Gin baded Martini’s which I recommend to start your evening off. The service is great and the place is oozing with stlye. I need to book me a room there soon, I have heard they are great. Next time I’ll bag a seat by the log fire place!! 🙂


    1. Thanks for the tips! X


  2. Kevin A Rowe says:

    Looks a great launch will give the balm a go with the transition to autumn winds.


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