Braving the open skies for Les 100 Ciels

I’d never come across Les 100 Ciels until now but I was glad to be invited to their St Christopher’s Place store 1st birthday party.

It was great to check out their items, which has cashmere at the heart, especially during this awkward, not quite winter, period.

IMG_3109 IMG_3110

While there was torrential downpour outside, I couldn’t help but feel warm and cosy as I caressed everything on the rails from the A/W14 collection. Materials are sourced from the finest raw yarns from goat farms in Mongolia and the brand promises to make everything ethically which is always a bonus.


Lovely PR girl Zoe explained to me how Les 100 Ciels is strongly influenced by the dance world, which explained the ballerina shoes hanging in the window display and placed on shelves around the shop.

Ballerina shoes in the window display
Ballerina shoes in the window display

I noticed a lot of pastel pinks, camel and smoky greys on the hangers, all free from fancy design, making it accessible to everyone. I just which I’d had access to this stuff back in my days of dancing at Pineapple Dance Studios a decade ago!

IMG_3102 IMG_3104

After spending the evening quaffing champagne and enjoying their table of snacks, they were sweet enough to hand over a goodie bag with a backless and sleeveless cardigan, which is more like a scarf with handy pockets actually!

Also inside guests got a Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask by 111 Skin, plus an oversized pen disguised as a pencil, a cashmere comb for cleaning the fabric and a money off voucher to use online.

Not forgetting the cute reusable canvas tote it actually came in and the gold branded pin which embellished it.

The goodie bag
The goodie bag

I’d definitely recommend popping in if you’re in the Bond Street area and if not, visit

Do you like the look of their stuff? Let me know!

Ps. If you’re wondering what the name means, it’s The Hundred Skies in French!

IMG_3101 IMG_3112

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